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Resurface Solutions was incorporated in 2000 with the purpose of bringing the highest quality products at reasonable prices and exceptional customer service directly to the refinishing industry. With this goal in mind, we have grown from a regional two person operation to one with multiple locations and international distribution.

Our guarantees of 100% satisfaction and same day shipping have been met with positive customer response in our core markets. Our sales representatives have allowed us to offer a level of knowledge about the industry we serve that is truly unique.

Our mission is to provide the bathtub refinishing industry with the highest quality products, competitive pricing and exceptional service. Our team of dedicated people make this possible.

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 When homeowners are sick and tired of the look of their discolored and stained tub, bathtub reglazing is often the most practical solution. Some will try to save some money and do the job on their own, but the majority will realize hiring a refinishing company that really knows what they are doing is the best choice. Your knowledge and our bathtub refinishing products is a combination that will surely produce winning results.

 While some people think porcelain tub refinishing consists of little more than spraying on a coat or two of paint and letting it dry, you realize as a professional that the process is actually quite complex. Tub resurfacing involves several different steps, and every one must be carried out perfectly for the end result to be flawless. 

 It’s also crucial to use top quality products during each step of the bathtub reglazing process. There are countless supply companies out there that sell bathtub resurfacing products, and some also offer them at rock-bottom prices. As a bathtub refinishing expert, however, you realize that sacrificing quality for price is never a good idea. Otherwise, that great-looking finish could start peeling, flaking, and chipping in no time at all. Something that will definitely not impress the person who paid you good money to do the job. It's possible a dissatisfied customer would tell others about their negative experience with your company and the word could spread. Then those discounted products weren’t such a good deal after all. Although our bathtub resurfacing products are sold at lower prices than our major competitors, they are reliable and quality products that deliver excellent results your customers have come to expect. We are committed to provide reputable refinishing companies like yours with bathtub resurfacing supplies that will let you get the job done right.

 Here you’ll find bathtub refinishing supplies to complete each step in the porcelain tub reglazing process. Our Silane Adhesion Promoter and professional-strength Tub Etch & Clean Acid ensures the coating applied during the tub resurfacing process stays put, reducing the chance that unsightly flaking and peeling will occur. We also sell our own brand of specially-formulated EuroPoxy Primer, which also promotes great adhesion for long-lasting and durable results. Our very own Pro-Thane Series Ultra Hide Tub Coat provides excellent coverage and is extremely durable. Finally, our ISO FREE Tub Coat Gloss can be applied to provide that shine and sheen that makes refinished tubs so attractive.

 If you have customers with chemical sensitivities, you may also want to give our low-odor formula a try. We sell our primers, coatings, and glosses at prices much lower than other manufacturers, while still maintaining the same level of quality found in other bathtub resurfacing products. In fact, we are so confident you’ll be satisfied with our coating products - we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with our coatings for any reason, simply return any unused product and we will give you a full refund of the purchase price.

 Tub reglazing is a big enough job on its own – the last thing you want to worry about is visiting a ton of different sites and stores just to get your bathtub refinishing supplies. Browse our site, you will find everything you need, and check out using our convenient online payment system. Our company’s service and selection will allow you to spend more time on bathtub resurfacing and less on the hassle of gathering supplies, which is a good thing because it’s what you do best!  You'll make things shiny and new again, and your customer will be thankful they didn't go through the expense and hassle of replacing their entire tub. We're here to help you do your job in the most time and cost efficient way, producing nothing but quality results with your expertise!