Safety Supplies

Honeywell Safety Products proudly offers a comprehensive range of quality products designed to address all of your safety concerns. When it comes to choosing respiratory protection, Honeywell is a partner companies worldwide know they can trust. As an industry leader in respiratory protection, Honeywell Safety Products provides workers all over the planet with the respiratory masks they need to work with complete confidence. 

For those who work with toxic chemicals and other hazardous substances, respirators are an essential component of an effective safety program. Selecting the appropriate respirator must take into consideration the unique hazards of each worker’s particular job and jobsite. Hazards vary widely, from airborne particulates such a dust, and fumes, gas and vapors, or any combination of these. A respirator designed for protecting workers from fumes may not provide adequate protection for a worker exposed to acid gas, for example. Honeywell’s respirators adhere to the highest industry standards. And when companies partner with Honeywell Safety Products, they can rest assured that they are taking the strongest precautions to protect their employees’ respiratory health. Our commitment to helping companies safeguard their employees’ health is one we’ve held true to for over 125 years. You can count on us.